Pop Up – Asaf WEINBROOM Ltd.


It was an unforgettable weekend

This year I was not in Milan, but Milan always inspires even from afar. One of the most interesting things about the design week are the events that take place in the city in industrial buildings. For one week the designers take over the space and turn it into a celebration. So it turned out that the space next to my studio became vacant, and I thought maybe we could do Milan in South Tel Aviv? For 30 years Sasha the upholsterer worked there, repairing and sewing motorcycle seats, the walls are rough and full of remnants and stories from the past, concrete beams, iron, photos of former presidents and more... So before everything is renovated and deleted, we took over the space. Me, Maiyan Ben Yona, Mikki Mann from Studio fe, Racheli Sharfstein from Studio Reish... We decided that for one weekend we would present our new collections there. It was wonderful! As well as meeting the wonderful people that came to celebrate with us, colleagues, clients and also just people who love design. Thank you all!