STUDIO – Lighting Fixtures


Asaf Weinbroom is a lighting design studio with an in-house manufactory established in 2009. Our new showroom will be located right next to the factory from January 2021.

Asaf Weinbroom is an Israeli industrial designer, a graduate of the Industrial Design department in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Our lighting elements design concepts blur the lines between art and design blending the old world craftsmanship with nowadays industrial methods. Living in a young country with a short history and little craftsmanship tradition to learn from, the self-production process becomes a journey to the unknown.

Having an in-house worksop allows us to experiment with different techniques and mix together all kinds of materials and textures to create a piece freed from restrictions of a mass production factory.

The production is based on a handmade process using mainly the lathe machine. Most of the products are made from wood while some of them incorporate various materials such as metal, marble, glass and more.